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Insulation & Thermal Wrap

Thermal Insulation Wrap

Thermal Insulation requirement is felt where-ever comfort conditions are desired and energy to be optimally utilized. Broadly speaking, where the insulation is used to prevent heat loss from the process the term hot insulation is used. Where the insulation is used to prevent heat gain to the process the term cold insulation is used. However, in recent times radiant heating or cooling has gained a lot of popularity. Thus classification could be on basis of application, such as ‘Hot’ or ‘Cold’. This classification could then be further sub-divided into the products that determine such applications, wherein the products offered by The Supreme Industries Ltd. and the competing products form part of the cold insulation applications. Among all energy efficiency technologies, advanced thermal insulation stands out as the one that could reduce energy consumption most effectively. For a good insulation with 95% of air and low solid content, the processing cost becomes the dominant factor in the performances /cost equation. Installation of thermal insulation is indeed a sound investment because of the immediate payback from energy savings and especially if we can keep the cost low. Lower insulation costs, combined with rising energy expenses, would automatically expand the efforts in energy efficiency.

Energy is the single largest operating expense and accounts for over $100 billion in expenses for commercial buildings each year. With a view to improve efficiency and enable conservation of energy., the Thermal Insulation Division of Supreme provides top-of-the-line insulation solutions with its ‘INSU’ range of products. Each of the products that Supreme offers i.e. ‘INSUshield’ - FR, closed cell chemically crosslinked polyethylene - XLC, ‘INSUboard’ - Extruded polystyrene - XPS and ‘INSUreflector’ - Radiant heat reflective material are for the purpose of saving energy in different segments of the industry and for different applications.

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