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Supply of Purlins


A purlin is a horizontal structural that is used in a roof to support the loads from the roof deck or sheathing. Catering to the demands of architecture or structural engineering, our purlins are supported by the principal rafters and/or building walls and steel beams. Z purlins & C purlins steel are typically propped off internal walls that are constructed from cold-formed steel, (or roll formed) sections that can be lapped and nested at the supports. We undertake fabrication and erection of these as per the specifications detailed by our clients.

Z Purlins

Z-Purlins are basically the Z sections made by tubes and angles that are used in roofing in the construction industry. These purlins steel are widely appreciated for their veracity and are extensively used in large sized roofing railway platforms, workshops, factory sheds, godowns and other industrial sheds.

C Purlins

We are capable of offering design, fabrication and erection services for C-Purlins steel that give a sturdy edge to the roof. These purlins are better and economical selection for erection purposes and are one of the most demanded services from our entire repertoire. We are instrumental in designing these purlins steel, z purlins steel, c purlins steel, purlins roof as per the inputs or drawing specified by our clients.

Available in various styles of roofing and side cladding, these “Z” & “C” Purlins are known for their following advantages:

  • Up to 40-50% weight saving of structural steel and cost up to 25-30% (As compared to hot rolled angles)
  • Up to 30-40% weight saving and 15% cost (As compared to tubular purlins)
  • Highly cost effective
  • Purlins are crisp, clean and square.
  • No rounded corners, inaccurate lengths or out of square purlins any more.
  • Easy to install and light in weight
  • Excellent corrosion resistance, durability and long Life

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